The 50th Post

In this, my 50th post, I would like to thank all of my loyal readers for following my neurotic day-to-day episodes here in Ireland. I would also like to thank my casual readers who think of me from time to time and take a meander through my adventures. Most of all I would like to take this opportunity to nod to one particular reader for thinking I attend Trinity College in Dublin despite my vast references to IADT in Dun Laoghaire.

My biggest fan.

Yes. Happy 50th Post everyone.

Today continued the trend of the lone 8am class which we spent discussing current events in Ireland and the rest of the world, including the risings in Egypt and Libya, the earthquake in New Zealand, and how much Justin Bieber’s hair will be auctioned off for. Despite the alarmingly high rate the teen singer/songwriter/weasel shows up in newspapers and current event discussions here, I’m surprised and a little disappointed that there’s been absolutely zero talk on how to solve the problem that is the Bieber Fever.

I have a few ideas.

After our decidedly mauling-free class we trudged to the canteen for some cheap and delicious ARAMARK breakfast, and then I returned home to write a few articles and reorganize the endless flow of political fliers and restaurant menus that keep appearing in our mail slot. At some point Libby and Danielle went into Dublin to do some shopping, so after we’d had lunch, Kelsey and I met them on O’Connell Street, and we ended up wandering for a little bit before enjoying a cup of coffee at the Costa in Jervis.

They're good.

Once back home, we discussed upcoming projects, homework, and speakers, as well as our plans for tomorrow and Friday. I also Skyped my parents and discussed some of their plans for when they come to visit, which was quite exciting.

That’s all for tonight, catch you in the next 50.


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