Tuesday Afternoon

Today kicked off a rather unique week at IADT. I guess it’s customary for professors to take a week off every so often, and both of my Irish professors picked this week, so I don’t have either of my lectures or seminars. Granted, I still have my 8am class with Hitchcock every day, so I still get to have my exciting commute every morning.

Better than sleep!

After class I came home and got laundry and a lot of homework done, and then spent the afternoon on roommate bonding — which is basically just Mo, Kelsey, and I being ridiculous.

For dinner we went next door and took a gamble on Wong’s Kitchen Chinese delivery with Libby and Danielle. There were mixed reviews with some of the dishes but I was happy with my Bangkok Chicken (it’s the first thing I’ve had to eat in Ireland that was spicier than horseradish).

"...and a side of matches"

We spent the rest of the night making fun of show bands like Jedward and watching Jersey Shore because, well, we’re still Americans.


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