For the third time in as many weeks, we had our 8am class with Hitchcock cancelled to make up for something else going on in the day. Anders, Libby, and I got to campus a little before 9am, and enjoyed a nice breakfast before going to lecture at 9:40. After class, they abandoned me for home while I stayed in the library to work on my question for seminar at 1pm.

In seminar we discussed why Mary Wollstonecraft’s publication The Vindication of the Rights of Women was considered so radical at the time it was published (women? equal to men? in the 18th century? preposterous!). We also discussed the role that the monster’s murders in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein played in shaping the reader’s views of the monster’s morality and if he was responsible. I was utterly stared at when I suggested the monster wasn’t an innocent naïve creature that didn’t know any better, but rather an intelligent and calculating criminal mastermind. The professor, however, seemed to enjoy the sudden turn in events.

This moment brought to you by the Holy Angels English Department.

Normally I would have gone home after seminar, but we had a guest lecture scheduled at 5pm (the reason we didn’t have class this morning), so I stuck around in the library and got a lot of homework done as well as some reading for my Romanticism class.

Our guest lecturer was Georgina Sweetnam, the assistant CEO of the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Enterprise Board. The DLR-CEB is responsible for mentoring and supporting small and start-up businesses in the area. It was a very interesting talk, because it involved a lot of business plans and facts and figures that go hand in hand with the Celtic Tiger.

Or lack thereof.

Now that I’m finally home, I got to enjoy a great dinner that Kelsey made, and work with Kelsey and Libby on another project for Hitchcock. I’m not feeling very well though, so I’m going to head to bed. Tomorrow’s another long day!


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