Phoenix Park and Birthday Parties

Today began with our eighth group tour of Phoenix Park, led by our very enthusiastic birthday girl, Mo. We only covered a fraction of the entire park (it’s twice the size of Central Park in NYC), but it still took over two hours to cover everything. Mo showed us the Wellington Memorial (the tallest obelisk in Europe) while actually atop the monument, took us through the Victorian Gardens (which was briefly interrupted by an encounter with a large spider), past the Dublin Zoo (the third largest in Europe and home to the MGM lion), past the President’s home (which looked suspiciously similar to the White House) as well as the home of the US Ambassador, and told us all about the herd of Irish deer that live in the park.

Flat Stanley especially enjoyed the tour.

After the tour we were ravenous, so we took the first bus into city center and did the most American thing imaginable…got Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s. We then headed back to Sandymount and began getting ready to go out for Mo’s birthday. Or rather, the girls started getting ready while the boys presumably sat around their apartment twiddling their thumbs and enjoying the knowledge that they don’t have to go through the hair and makeup process before going out.

Though we have an intricate support system and are much cuter.

We did have a lot of fun getting ready, and we plan to go to the Dark Horse (our favorite in-Dublin pub), and then hit up the clubs. Hopefully it’s a good night, and a great birthday for Mo!


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