Como se Friday

Friday mornings mean another 8am class and another 6am wake-up call. Luckily it was short and sweet, and I was back home before 10am. I had a lot of homework to do, and needed to catch up on laundry and cleaning.


I ended up finishing all but one of my assignments, which is helpful because this weekend will be busy. Tomorrow we have another tour, and Sunday we’re planning on going to Cork, plus it’s Mo’s 21st birthday this weekend.

Speaking of which, everyone went out to dinner (including Bill and Karen) to celebrate with Mo. We went to Bewley’s, which we had been to previously for coffee (it’s an eatery cafe famous for its desserts and coffees), and had absolutely amazing food for pretty reasonable prices. Of course in the states,  no birthday meal at a restaurant is complete without a free dessert and embarrassing song as performed by the wait staff, but we didn’t really know if they would do that here.

Maybe Ireland’s not that different after all.

After dinner Mo went out, and the rest of the girls stayed in to make her surprise cake which we can enjoy before we all go out tomorrow night. Now it’s time for bed, and I’m looking forward to sleeping in.


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