It’s a Social Science!

This morning came with the horrific truth that it wasn’t just a nightmare, we did in fact have an economics test. We had all been up pretty late studying so we were just a touch slap happy on our way to the DART station. I’m sure all the residents of Park Ave. were extremely appreciative to learn that economics is a social science (the study of people and how they interact in groups and societies, including anthropology, archeology, economics, geology, political science, psychology, and sociology!).

"The Federal Reserve sets interest rates? Totally worth the wake-up call!"

The test itself wasn’t terrible. It took almost the whole hour and there were a few things I was iffy about, but overall I felt pretty prepared (you mean studying DOES that?!). Afterwards, I went home to prepare a few last minute things, then Kelsey and I went into Dublin to meet the rest of the group at the Pearse Street station to begin our seventh group tour of the National Museums. We started at the Museum of Natural History, which despite the promising name, isn’t all that interesting. It’s pretty small, with a collection of Irish animals and botany on the ground level, as well as some global animals on the second floor. Kelsey talked to us about some of the Irish animals, focusing mainly on the Irish elk. The giant deer stood about 7 feet high at the shoulder, and weighed in at over 1,000 lbs., with just their antlers weighing nearly 80 lbs, spanning around 12 feet from tip to tip. The elk roamed much of Ireland during the last ice age, and disappeared with the climate change.

Though their remains continue to haunt us today.

After checking out the extensive collection of taxidermy and learning about the basking shark from me (the shark voted most likely to be confused with a Muppet), we left the first museum and ventured a few blocks away to the National Archeology Museum. Kelsey told us all about the interesting history of the building, and it’s spotty development from a British project to an Irish treasure. Inside, we visited four of the main exhibits in the museum; Kelsey showed us Prehistoric Ireland, Viking Ireland, and Medieval Ireland, and talked about the advancements and developments made in each era, and interesting facts about the different artifacts. I presented on the Kingship and Sacrifice room, which focused on the life of royalty in ancient Ireland, and of course the peat bogs and a few of the preserved bodies found in them.

Just in case you needed two more reasons to look out for that bog there, hey.

The tour went very well, and other than the three page paper I still need to write detailing the work I did as an assistant, it’s nice to have it done. After the tour, all the girls grabbed a quick late lunch, and then headed to O’Connell street to shop. As it’s Mo’s birthday this weekend, we decided to look our best when we go out, and ended up with some great deals at Penney’s, and a few less-than-great deals at Forever 21.

It’s getting to that time now where I should probably finish up homework and get some sleep…6am always comes before you know it.

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