What Does It Mean?

There is something to be said for an extra hour of sleep. Getting up at 6am doesn’t seem all that different from getting up at 7am, until you’ve been getting up at 6am to make it to 8am class, and then have a day without class. In less words, we didn’t have our 8am class, so I got to sleep in.

My Romanticism lecture continued into the literary themes of, well, Romanticism. We also continued with Kenneth Branagh’s ridiculously melodramatic version of Frankenstein, which was a fantastically ridiculous break to my morning.

Totally what Mary Shelley had in mind.

Libby, Anders, and I then went to eat lunch in the canteen and were joined by Emma and Kate, two Irish students from our Cinema seminar. They were a lot of fun to talk to while we waited for our seminar. They were extremely interested in hearing what we thought about Dublin so far, and shocked and appalled that we had 8am class. They also were very excited upon realizing we would be in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day.

After lunch we headed to seminar, where we found out that we didn’t actually have class. Kelsey and I took the DART into Dublin to work on her tour of the National Museums, which is chock-full of interesting things I’ll probably blog about tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we have a rather large test tomorrow in economics.

This is actually the class test average.

Time to study some more. Good night kids.


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