Because Comfortable is Bad

I should know better by now than to be too comfortable with my surroundings, and I should really know better than to advertise my contentment.

Seeing as I had gone a solid two weeks without any major hiccups, the universe clearly decided it was time to throw a wrench in the well-oiled machine that is/was my weekly schedule. It all started this morning in our 9am (9:40) lecture for Cinema in Culture when Libby struck up a conversation with two girls that were sitting in front of us. One of them, Emma, is also in my Romanticism seminar and asked me about my weekend and if I had completed my weekly seminar question yet. Thinking that seminar would be on Wednesday at 11:00 like it’s always been, I of course said no.
It was at this point Emma realized I wasn’t on the class contact list and hadn’t been informed that our seminar had been changed from Wednesdays at 11am to Tuesdays at 1pm.

This moment brought to you by utter panic.

This change was awful for several reasons. First and foremost, I didn’t have my assignment done because I thought I had an entire extra 24 hours to work on it, when really I had less than 3. Second, I had really liked the way that my schedule was set up and I’m not looking forward to the awkward gaps this new arrangement will create. Third, I was sent into a frenzy of insane texting during my Cinema lecture because Matt (who is also in my Romanticism seminar, and also not on the class contact list) had gone home to catch up on the sleep he had been deprived of all weekend visiting Paris. Lastly, I was supposed to go into Dublin with Kelsey after my lecture so we could do a dry run of her tour of the National Museums that she’s giving and I’m assisting with on Thursday, subsequently proving myself as the worst side kick ever.

OK, second worst.

The part that was more frustrating than annoying was that once I finally thought we had everything under control and were used to the way things were run, there was a whole new element thrown in the mix. I can’t imagine the sort of chaotic rampage that would have occurred at Loras if a class had changed time and location three weeks into semester.

Let’s call it time-released culture shock. I’m going to cope by watching Sunday’s episode of Glee now.

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