The Day of Communal Food

Like most Mondays, today was a day full of errands, rest, and random funtime. Kelsey and I walked to the post office on the other side of Sandymount to retrieve a package  sent by my loving parents, full of contact solution, toothpaste, fish oil pills, and my favorite slippers that I’ve practically been wearing non-stop since we got back to the apartment. We also went to Tesco since there was basically no food left in the house.

Once back home, we enjoyed a quick lunch before being invited next door to join Libby and Danielle for tea time, which isn’t as much of a thing as it is in England, but we felt like being fancy.

Sadly, it wasn’t quite like this.

Libby did make some scones to go with our tea, though, which were wonderful with jam and cream. We spent the afternoon catching up on everything that happened this weekend, then decided to go and cook dinner, which we invited Libby, Danielle, and Ashley to join us for. We decided to make our house specialty, the ingredients for which Kelsey had decided to pick up at Tesco earlier in the day.

The best.

None of our neighbors had ever experienced the deliciousness of spaghetti tacos, but we did create three new fans. The food sharing continued after dinner when Libby provided a lovely post-meal spread of Starbucks Via, Galaxy cocoa, Penguin Bars, and biscuits.

Currently I’m waiting for the caffeine buzz to wear off and Mo to get back from the airport so I can hear all about her weekend in Paris with Anders and Matt, and then get to sleep so I can be well rested for my classes tomorrow.


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