Back in the +353

After our whirlwind trip, it’s good to be back in the Motherland, where I’m looking forward to spending the rest of today off of my feet. London’s a big city, especially when you’re walking the entire thing. It was a great trip, and I do love London, but there’s something to be said for the feel of Dublin. A big city is a big city; there are lots of people who don’t understand personal space or common courtesy. It’s noisy and dirty and expensive, and that’s London. I love it, but I couldn’t live there. Dublin on the other hand is more like a small town or the midwest. People are friendly and helpful, everything’s clean, and the city itself isn’t so massive that it’s overpowering

There’s also more livestock.

I guess this is my way of saying I’ve acclimated to living in Dublin. It’s not quite home, but it’s close enough.


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