Daffodils, Double Rainbows, and Old Dublin

As with all Wednesdays, today was busy. It started with 8am class, followed by a 9am lecture in which we discussed lyrical poetry and watched more of Kenneth Branagh as a shirtlessly deranged Dr. Frankenstein. 11am seminar brought more discussion of lyrical poetry, and an in-depth analysis of a sad, lonely man who thought of his crowd of friends (read: daffodils) whenever he felt especially lonely. In my noon seminar everyone pitched their five-minute screenplays and we voted for the two that would actually be made into movies. Mine was voted third place, which was perfect; it was really nice that a lot of people liked my idea, but I also have way less work to do than I would if I was a director.

After my seminar, I rode the bus into Dublin with Kelsey, Libby, Anders, and Rob where we witnessed one of the most magical sights known to man.

It's a double rainbow all the way across the sky. Yeah, yeah. So intense.

Once in Dublin, we met up with Matt and Mo at Trinity College where we began our fifth group tour, this time of the Medieval and Viking district. We saw Dublin Castle (originally built by King John), Dublin City Hall (used as a set for the movie Becoming Jane), Christ Church Cathedral (big Anglican church), Fishamble Street (site of the first ever performance of Handel’s Messiah way back in 1741), and then to get out of the sudden rain, the Dublinia (an enormous museum tracing the history of Norse pillagers in Dublin, with really fun exhibits that resulted in Rob and Libby dressing up in viking attire). To end the tour, we all trooped to the Brazen Head, which was established in 1198 and is subsequently the oldest pub in Ireland, to enjoy a pint.

One of these buildings was built in an architectural dark age, and the other in the actual Dark Ages.

Returning home, Mo, Kelsey, and I were faced with yet another mountain of busywork to complete for our classes. Tomorrow is another class, another tour, and probably more random assignments to be had. Tomorrow is also Thursday, which is another step closer to the weekend.

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