Communication Crazy

Today was a pretty normal day given that I’m basically living the dream in Dublin. I had 8am class with Hitchcock on the Celtic Tiger and 9am lecture covering the history of cinema (where we learned that movies are different from reality), followed by extreme amounts of homework to catch up on.

As well as laundry.

After papers were written, scripts were finished, pitches were submitted, and journals were penned, I found myself home alone hyped up on caffeine without anything constructive to do, so I ended up writing five postcards and two letters to send back to the states, and then Skyping with my favorite musical theater major who was stuck at home with a snow day.

Aaaaaand dramatic pose for the camera.

Kelsey and I also got to Skype with our fellow residents from 870, though their camera wasn’t working, so we had to use our imaginations to picture their lovely faces. Now it’s that time where I make dinner and work on seminar questions for tomorrow.


One response to “Communication Crazy

  1. I’m glad you’re living the dream! I also hope Roz was good, and that one of those postcards is coming to your mom and me. Can’t wait to see you!

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