Hiking with the Hitchcocks

This morning I got to sleep in a little bit, and around 11am I headed out to the DART with Kelsey, Libby, Anders, and Bill and Karen (our Loras professor and his wife). We rode the train south to Bray, which is a beach town in the Dublin harbor. Libby went off to Wicklow and Kelsey ended up on a different path, so Anders and I hung out with Bill and Karen, and hiked all along the hills in Bray.

We climbed that.

It was steep, and it was muddy, but it was a great time with a beautiful view. After we reached the first peak, we headed south towards the next peak, and then the next. After climbing three mountains, we were a little tired, so we climbed back down and walked to Greystones.

Just a quick jaunt, really.

Once in Greystones, Anders and I met up with Kelsey who walked from Bray to Greystones along the bottom of the hills, and had lunch before heading home to promptly pass out on the sofa. In all it was about a 10 mile day, and despite all the mud and possible shin splints, I’m going to say it was very much worth it.

Guess who's not from Iowa.

Tomorrow, Powerscourt.


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