South Georgia

Another Saturday means another tour, today of the South Georgia area as led by Danielle. We were told all about Trinity College and the book of Kells, which is a 9th century gospel from Scotland, and is well-known for it’s phenomenal artwork. We walked around to see different restaurants like Porterhouse, and popular shopping sites like House of Ireland, before heading to the National Library. The library is attached to the Leinster House and is a collection of all Irish Literature, and is currently housing an extensive exhibit on Yeats. After the library, we went to St. Stephen’s Green, which is sort of like the Central Park of Dublin. We wandered around and saw several statues of famous people from Irish history, as well as a fountain donated by the German government for the help the Irish provided with refugee children after World War II. We also fed the ducks.

And I was promptly attacked by pigeons.

After the park, we ended the tour at St. Stephen’s Mall, which is one of the only enclosed shopping malls in the area, and the charge €0.20 to use the bathrooms. We hung around the mall for awhile, then Kelsey, Libby, Anders, Pat, and I grabbed lunch at Charlie’s, a Chinese restaurant in Temple Bar. As expected, European Chinese food is a bit different that American Chinese food, and it isn’t too difficult to pick which I prefer. American Chinese food may be laden with MSGs, sodium, and preservatives that will stand until judgement day, but at least they don’t serve menu items like “chicken balls” served over chips and drenched in a vinegar-based sweet and sour sauce.

Other than the interesting cuisine, the day went well. Tomorrow we’re off to Bray!

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