What Happened on O’Connell Street

As promised, today was the first group tour. Since we needed to meet in Dublin at noon, Hitchcock was nice enough to cancel our 8am class in Dun Laoghaire so we wouldn’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of time on the train, or together. We met at the statue of Daniel O’Connell, and our guide-of-the-day Pat took us all around showing us different statues and buildings and telling us about the history of each one.

Especially this one.

Unfortunately for our two hour tour, it was ridiculously cold outside. It was probably about 15°F, which shouldn’t be that bad for a bunch of Midwesterners, but it was also windy and very damp. Therefore, we were excited to conclude the tour and get inside. Kelsey and I went to Temple Bar because I needed to walk around and find everything I was supposed to be touring tomorrow. Desperate to get out of the cold and being famished, we went into the first restaurant with a reasonably priced menu posted.

It’s called The Shack, and it’s absolutely amazing.


I had a fantastic grilled chicken pesto sandwich for €6, and talking about it is making me hungry again. After lunch we ventured out into the district. I managed to find everything I needed to without getting hopelessly lost, and then we headed to Penney’s to get Kelsey a clubbing outfit. Tonight we’re going to assimilate further by experiencing Dublin night life.

Good night, kids.


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