Rage Against the Printer

Today was full of revelations. After commuting for an hour for our 8am class with Hitchcock (our professor from Loras), Mo and I went to our Film Studies class that starts at 9am. Lecture promptly started at 9:35, and by 9:50 we were absolutely sure we couldn’t stay in the class. The course material had been presented to be much more interesting when the classes were first explained, and we realized that we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. I also really don’t think I’d be able to properly critique the intricacies of several decades of cinema I’ve never heard of.

Picture Unrelated.

Luckily, we get a few weeks grace period to figure out what we want to take, so we switched classes without a problem. We’re now in Cinema in Culture, which takes an active role in looking at the effects of cinema in Irish culture. Cinema is clearly a big deal here, and it makes for interesting classes.

After class I headed to the library where I had my first experience working on a major project in Ireland. For our City As Text class (the cultural course taught by Hitchcock) every student was assigned a district of Dublin to give a tour of to the entire group. They’re supposed to be about two hours, and shouldn’t just cover information anyone could learn by reading a brochure. The idea is to assimilate ourselves into Dublin culture and give a tour like we’re locals. I was assigned the Temple Bar District and my tour is Saturday at noon. We also need to make our own pamphlets for the tour.

I spent several hours in the library finishing research on different places in Temple Bar, finding locations, mapping a route, and creating a pamphlet. All of this was extremely frustrating because I wasn’t sure how many places were enough places to talk about, if I would be even remotely close to two hours, and if I’d even be able to find everything without getting hopelessly lost, considering I am directionally challenged on days when I’m not leading a tour group. I also typed up about four pages of notes for me to study before I gave the tour, so I’d actually something interesting to say instead of, “So over there…that’s a building. Where they do…stuff.” I then explicitly followed the directions for printing, and sent twelve copies of the pamphlet and all of my notes to the printer. After explicitly following the other directions to retrieve my documents I realized our student ID cards weren’t properly activated and I was completely unable to print anything.

Just like that.

By this point I’d been awake for almost ten hours, had spent four hours in an unventilated library trying to research a project that terrified me, was running completely uncaffeinated, had a massive headache, and was absolutely fed up with being frustrated over things that shouldn’t matter. Which is why instead of tearing apart the printer with my bare hands, I packed everything up and went home where I e-mailed everyone the pamphlet and copied my notes down by hand.

These also may have been involved somewhere.

As in all scenarios, chocolate makes everything better. I’ve also found that watching old Simpson’s episodes with Kelsey and Mo while we cook dinner is pretty much the funniest part of my day. With everything said and done, the day wasn’t a horrific failure, it just got on my nerves a little bit. Tomorrow is the first tour of the group which I’m excited for; it takes some of the pressure of mine for Saturday, and I’ll be able to adjust mine accordingly.

With that, I say good night and good luck.


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