Marketing and the Magdalenes

Today, for the first time in several weeks, I went to school. This may seem odd since I’ve been writing about my classes, late lecturers, and scarring seminars, but today was different. I spent all day at school. This is not complaining, it’s just how I spent my day.

I had a 9am lecture (starting at 9:25 sharp!), followed by a seminar for Romanticism where Matt and I were recognized as international students and therefore a valuable source of information for anything about the Age of Enlightenment that didn’t take place in Ireland. An ambush ensued.

Professor: “Now what else did we find out about the Enlightenment?”
Classmate: “It was spread by authors like Thomas Payne.”
Professor: “Very good! Now Payne…he had strong ties in America, especially during their War of Independence. You two are American…TELL US EVERYTHING ABOUT PAYNE!
Me: “Uhhhhh…Common Sense?”

I had been staring at my notes about the Cult of Sensibility and trying to remember the second stanza of William Blake’s The Tyger, so it goes without saying that my answer was less-than-intelligent. Luckily Matt had actually been paying attention and is able to speak real words when needed.


After class we met the other Loras students and had lunch with them as well as a few students from IADT, who were happy to answer our many (probably dumb) questions, and rather intrigued by some of our stories. I ventured off campus for a little while with Kelsey, Anders, Matt and Rob in the afternoon, but we had to return before long.

As a thank-you to our contact professor at IADT for being so helpful to us, we helped him judge one his class’ marketing presentations. The assignment was to create a small business plan for a booth at a market selling some sort of service or product, which they also had to choose. They needed to come up with a cost breakdown, projected returns, and a marketing plan to sell their booth as well as their project. The groups will then actually execute their plans in a few weeks at a market in Dun Laoghaire.

Watching the presentations was very interesting because none of them were at the level I would have expected college students to be at. The emphasis we place on the importance of public speaking, first impressions, and presence is yet another cultural difference. Overall though most of the groups have solid plans and interesting products, so I hope they do well.

We finally returned home to Sandymount, and decided to end the day by watching The Magdalene Sisters, which Mo rented for our Film Studies class. It was a depressing way to end the day.

Not a feel-good movie of any year.

The bonus was that between the smudged disk and the second-hand DVD player, we only got to see the first hour of it.
Three times.


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