I’ve decided that Monday mornings are really no fun for anyone, regardless of where you are.

That’s all I’m going to say in complaint though, since I am in Ireland and I had a pretty amazing day.

Mo and I had seminar for our Film Studies class at IADT, so we traveled the hour to campus, sat with six other students for an hour, and traveled the hour back. The hour actually spent learning was at least productive; Mo and I learned that we know piteously little about Irish Cinema, and that sitting in the front is a massive handicap, especially when trying to blend in.

Shun the non-believer!

After class we went home, where I met Kelsey, Rob, Libby, Danielle, and Ashley, and we headed north to Howth. Howth is a small fishing village at the northern edge of Dublin Harbor, and is incidentally the end of the line on the DART. It was getting dark by the time we actually got there, which we were glad to do after nearly an hour on the train.

And what a fun-filled train ride it was...

We headed towards the docks to take pictures, and ended up seeing some sea lions in the harbor waiting for children and tourists to throw fish scraps at them. They weren’t too pleased when we didn’t.

As college students with cameras in a distant land, we then proceeded to take lots and lots of photos of our surroundings, which were gorgeous.



This is the prettiest one of all!

Soon it was too dark to take any more pictures, so we got back on the DART and came home for dinner and homework. I’m sure none of this is making your Monday seem any better, so here’s a video of the sea lions so you can at least pretend you got to share in my excitement of the day.



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