Bar and Church

Today started out much too early with a 6am wake up call for our 8am class. After a vigorous debate on economics and religion (no, really) we were free to return home and nap, or in my case shop for groceries and wonder why there were so many school children in a Tesco at 10:00 on a Tuesday morning.

Clearly the place for hooky.

After getting some homework done, I went into Dublin with Anders, Kelsey, and Libby, where we walked around the Temple Bar District (for strictly educational purposes, believe it or not), and grabbed some lunch at Farrington’s Pub. We went to the tourist center so I could pick up some literature on Temple Bar (I told you, educational), and enjoyed the sites and sounds of the area.

Early last week we were made aware of the rule that any sort of attraction in Dublin with “National” in its title was free admission. Today we learned that this rule does not apply if “National” is followed by “Wax Museum,” which is a large attraction at Temple Bar. Not wanting to spend €10 that could otherwise be used to buy nourishment, we did not venture into the exhibits.

Though maybe that’s for the best.

Having exhausted most of the area, we ventured south to check out one of the largest church in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Resting place of Jonathon Swift as well as many others, it’s a beautiful building with a rich history. Founded in 1191, the Cathedral is now Anglican and is well known for its work with the homeless and mentally ill, and is said to be built at the location of St. Patrick’s Well.

Slightly bigger than the well.

This evening brought more homework, more soup, and more time hanging out with roommates and friends. Hopefully tomorrow won’t come as quickly so I don’t have to be as tired!


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