Natural History

Today Kelsey and I went into Dublin to check out two of the National Museums. After getting off the DART at Pearse Station and getting extraordinarily lost, we made our way to the Natural History Museum where we found a remarkable collection of stuffed animals and taxidermied animals from around the globe, both cuddly and ones that will haunt your soul forever.

He shall call upon his master, Lord Satan, and all the minions of Hell when you close your eyes.

Additionally, there were hordes of Irish children running about. Irish children are by law adorable, but that doesn’t mean that lots and lots of them aren’t a little overwhelming. We soon left the museum and made our way to the National Archeological Museum down the street. There were tons of awesome exhibits with artifacts from the Bronze Age, the Medieval Period, and Viking Ireland, as well as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.

There were also several remains of murder victims found in bogs, proving once and for all it’s a good idea to look out for those bogs there, hey.

Unless this is your goal, in which case carry on.

We then headed out to O’Connell Street, once more got outrageously lost, and randomly found Danielle and Libby on a street corner. We all met up with Anders and Rob at one of the only bars in Dublin that was showing the Bears-Seahawks game and came home to enjoy another great American tradition: Star Trek. With Chris Pine. Good night!


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