First Day of School

As all good things must come to an end, we had to be good students and go into school today rather than run around Dublin again unchaperoned.

We left just before noon which gave everyone plenty of time to shower (Libby, Ashley, and Danielle’s shower still isn’t working, which makes for a great bartering system since they have a hairdryer and straightener) and eat a good breakfast before heading off to the school.

Our commute to school takes about an hour with a ride from Sandymount to Dun Laoghaire on the DART, then a bus ride through Dun Laoghaire, and a short walk from the bus stop to the Atrium building. My first impression of Dun Laoghaire was that it was a lot like Hayward, if Hayward were bigger, European, and had more interesting shops.
In fact, scratch all of that.
My first impression of Dun Laoghaire was that it was a charming town full of interesting looking shops and restaurants. We’re planning on exploring it more tomorrow afternoon.

Now school.



We’re attending IADT (Institute of Art and Design Technology) which is a school of about 2,000 undergraduate students with focuses on the arts, business, and humanities.  The campus is much smaller and compacted than Loras, with only two main buildings with classrooms. We spent today in the Atrium building which houses the library, computer labs, canteen (read: cafeteria, also ARAMARK, also better than Loras), Student Union offices, and some of the classrooms.

We spent an hour or so listening to a few of the professor’s advertise for the classes they wanted us to take. All of them were based in the humanities and/or the culture of Ireland, which is how I wound up deciding to take a course on the study of Irish Cinema (looking at the different views and projections of Ireland and the Irish, and how it’s affected them locally and globally in the past and present), and a course on classic romantic literature. It’s nice because I think they’re both very interesting subjects that I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to study at Loras.

Speaking of Loras, in addition to these two classes all the Duhawks are taking two courses from our faculty advisor from Loras. City As Text will be a study of the past and present culture in Dublin and the different changes and effects it’s been through. Meanwhile, The Rise and Fall of the Celtic Tiger will focus on the economic standings the country has faced in the last 15 years or so.

Now for any of you who may be scratching your head wondering how any of this applies to computer science, it doesn’t. Which is why Kelsey and I are doing an independent study of COBOL programming while we’re here to keep up with our major skills.


That pretty much wraps up today, so I’m going to go organize for tomorrow and head down to Ryan’s. Sláinte.


One response to “First Day of School

  1. Linz, Enjoying your blog. Don’t spend all your time on studies(even though I know you won’t). Hope you find a good laundromat!! Mine will once again be available next fall. Have fun!!

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