The First 24

After a long and strenuous journey that culminated with Libby and me arriving at the Dublin airport and clearing customs around 7:45pm Dublin time, only to find out the bags we checked did not make it nearly as far as we did. We produced the proper receipts and filled out the proper paperwork and refrained from a proper tantrum, and met our IADT contact professor, Michael Murphy, who took us to our apartments in Sandymount.

After being greeted by our fellow Loras students, we were given approximately 10 minutes to dump our few belongings and join back downstairs because as college students in a foreign land we wanted to go to the local pub for a pint.

Forget sleep, this is culture!


This morning we met early and took the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) from Sandymount into Dublin, where we spent the day with Michael. We got our DART passes and cell phones, ate lunch at Trinity College (which, despite also having an ARAMARK cafeteria, has pretty amazing food), and went on a generally fantastic walking tour of Dublin.



though there wasn't any drinking

It was a lot of fun, and tomorrow we’re heading to Belfast!

Update: Air France just dropped off my bag. Win.


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