It’s currently 2:28am central time, and we’re 31,000 feet or so somewhere above the icy waters of the northern Atlantic.

Our original plane needed extensive repairs, and so after boarding another (read: smaller) plane, we finally departed from Minneapolis at about 10:30pm. The fact that our original connecting flight to Dublin is leaving in half an hour aside, I’m glad we’re finally up and moving.

The last few hours of our wait in the airport were broken up by a chance encounter with one of our former classmates from Loras, who is now a flight attendant for Delta. Catching up with her, coupled with the episodes of Glee and CSI we watched on Libby’s computer made the time seem to go more quickly than excruciatingly glacial. The good news is we’re already running on Irish time.

As we boarded the plane, Libby and I met a girl named Kristin from Wyoming who’s studying abroad in Paris. She was extremely friendly, and since she sat right in front of us, got to endure our madness during takeoff and until both she and Libby fell asleep. Kristin from Wyoming is quite fluent in French, which makes me believe she will be much better cut out to study in France then I would, seeing as the only thing I know how to say is le singe et en le branche, or the monkey is in the branch. It’s a rather difficult topic to squeeze into conversations, believe it or not. The fact that the Irish speak English as their main language is one of the many, many benefits to studying there.

While staying awake in-flight does have some perks (I got to witness an amazing display of the aurora borealis while keeping a lookout for William Shatner’s wing monster), the sight of Julia Roberts showing off her extensive dental work in Eat, Pray, Love is making me a little queasy.

If I can shake that image, maybe I’ll try and get some sleep.


One response to “Airborne!

  1. You are so entertaining!!!! I’m so excited for you! Give Kelsey her goodbye hug for me when you see her. If you could muster up some tears for her I would really appreciate it! ❤

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